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Close up 3D rendering of a dental crown being placed on a shaved down tooth.Nearly one-third of all American adults have a dental crown by the time they reach retirement age, and it is easy to understand why.

Dental crowns have several functions for patients, but the main reason people undergo a dental crown procedure is so a natural tooth can be protected. Here is some information from Singing River Dentistry about dental crown procedures and the types of dental crowns available.

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What Is the Purpose of a Dental Crown?

Crowns can be used for a variety of purposes. Porcelain crowns typically cover a tooth as part of the root canal process. Crowns are also used to protect and restore teeth.

After a Root Canal Procedure

Our Florence, AL dentists perform root canal treatment to try and save a tooth that has become infected.

Usually, a tooth becomes infected when dental caries are caused by bacteria eating a hole into your tooth enamel (the tough outer layer of your tooth). Once the bacterial acid eats through the enamel and reaches the second layer of your tooth, called the dentin, dental cavities can result. According to the CDC, about 20% of adults aged 65 or older have untreated dental caries.

In some cases, the dentist will be able to fill the cavity, which stops the infection and protects the tooth from further damage.

However, if your cavity is not discovered, the infection can progress to the middle of your tooth, which is called the tooth pulp. The tooth pulp is where your tooth nerves are located, which means you will feel a lot of pain from the tooth infection. Once the infection reaches your tooth pulp and your tooth roots, you are in danger of losing the tooth entirely.

During a root canal procedure, dentists make an incision in the top of your tooth so they can reach the tooth pulp. Then, they can take out the infection from the middle of your tooth and treat the infection with antibiotics.

Once the middle of the tooth is filled with composite, a dental crown is placed over the tooth to cover and protect it from a new infection.

Protect a Tooth

A crown can also protect a tooth that is cracked, chipped, or broken. As adults age, they are more likely to have wear on their tooth enamel, which can make them easier to damage. Our dentist can use a crown to protect a tooth from further damage and restore the tooth to its original luster, color, and shape.

Restore a Tooth

Not only can teeth become damaged due to aging, but adults may also have discolored or misshapen teeth. Teeth can become discolored due to medication, cavities, or trauma. For example, if you take certain antibiotics or chemotherapy medication, you may have teeth that look bluish or grayish. Our dentists can cover that discolored tooth with a crown so that it looks like the rest of your natural teeth.

Many adults are born with misshapen teeth. These teeth usually are smaller in size or thinner than your other teeth are. If the tooth is located toward the back of your mouth, it may not be as noticeable. However, if the tooth is located near the front of your mouth, it may make your smile look uneven. Our dentist can place a crown over your misshapen tooth so that it is the right shape and size.

What Happens During a Dental Crown Procedure?

The primary reason our Helton Drive dentists in Florence, AL use dental tooth crowns is to protect your natural tooth from damage or to restore a tooth that has been damaged or discolored. No matter what you need a dental crown for, the procedure to place a dental crown is quite simple.

•  First, the dentist takes a mold of your tooth so that a permanent crown can be made.
•  Next, the dentist will use cement and place a temporary crown over your damaged or discolored tooth.
•  When your permanent replacement crown is ready, the dentist will then remove the temporary crown and cement the permanent crown on your tooth. The dentist checks to ensure the crown fits well between your teeth and that you can bite down easily without pain.

Types of Dental Crowns

There are different kinds of dental crowns our dentist can use to restore your tooth. The most common option most dentists prefer to use is the porcelain crown. Usually, porcelain crowns have a cap made of metal with porcelain layered over the top of the metal cap. Porcelain resembles the surface of your natural teeth very closely, which is why many dentists prefer to use it. Most porcelain crowns, if you take care of them, can last up to 20 years.

Metal crowns are another type of crown available. Metal crowns are the oldest type and are still in use. The oldest crowns historians have found were made of precious metals that were often inlaid with precious jewels. You can have metal crowns made of either gold or silver. Metal crowns are extremely durable, but many patients prefer another option because they are more visible than porcelain crowns.

What if you do not want either porcelain crowns or metal crowns? In that case, you may want to ask about composite crowns. Composite crowns are made from plastic. Sometimes, these composite crowns or resin crowns are formed over a metal cap, much like the traditional porcelain crown, while other crowns only contain composite or resin. Composite crowns are lighter than either porcelain crowns or metal crowns, but they do not last as long.

If you are not sure which type of crown may be right for you, it is a good idea to ask our dentist. The type of crown you choose depends on a lot of factors, such as what the crown is being used for, where the crown is located, and whether you already have any dental crowns in your mouth. If the crown is being used to protect a tooth after a root canal, you may want to opt for a durable choice, for example.

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