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Joyful white woman showing off her beautiful teeth with a smile.If your dentist or dental hygienist notices tooth decay or other damage in your mouth that needs to be repaired, you might wonder exactly what type of coverage your tooth will receive once the damage is repaired. Whenever we refer to tooth restoration, we usually refer to fillings; however, there are a few types of dental restoration available. Inlays, onlays, and fillings all fall under this category.

Your questions may include What is a dental inlay? Does it differ from a dental onlay and which type of onlay will my dentist recommend for my type of dental damage? Singing River Dentistry may recommend inlays and onlays to help fill the gaps.

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What is an Inlay?

A dental inlay is a pre-molded filling designed to fit into your tooth's grooves. Cavities that are centered within your teeth rather than on the outer edges or cusps are typically treated with this procedure. These cavities usually do not progress to more extensive conditions.

An inlay is a relatively simple and painless procedure. The affected tooth will be numbed with a local anesthetic by your dental professional before being cleaned out with a drill. Following the cleaning, your dentist will send an impression of the top crevice area of your tooth to the lab. Inlays are typically constructed from porcelain or composite resin material to match your tooth color. In general, composite fillings are more durable than regular ones, and provide a virtually invisible dental restoration.

The Difference Between an Inlay and a Filling or an Onlay

You may benefit from an inlay if you have minor damage to your teeth. Other types of dental restoration might also be necessary.

A dental onlay is used to fix a tooth that has more extensive cracks or damage to the cusp or biting surface. Onlays cover the higher points around the edges of your tooth where an inlay is used for cavities in the grooves. An onlay must be done similarly to an inlay. Numbing agents will be used to numb the area. After that, your dentist will remove decayed or damaged tooth material, drill out the cavity, and place a temporary dental onlay. After the impression has been made, your dentist will send it to the lab. Within a week or two, your permanent onlay will arrive, and your dentist will install it.

How about a filling? This dental procedure is probably familiar to you. Dentists use fillings to fill in small cavities in your teeth. A typical amalgam is a mixture of metals, whereas a composite is glass and acrylic resin. One positive aspect is that fillings require only one dental appointment, are less expensive, and can be applied to small cavities. Inlays and onlays cover larger areas.

Which One is Right For You?

Fillings, inlays, and onlays are all valuable restorative procedures, and we can tell you which one is right for you. With an inlay, your teeth will have a longer lifespan due to the materials' strength and durability.

Preventing oral health problems should be a priority for you and your dental professional. Brush your teeth twice a day, floss once a day, and rinse with mouthwash so any bacteria that remains is washed away. Prevention starts here along with dental checkups. In return, you will have a much smaller chance of ever needing these procedures since you will reduce your chances of getting cavities.

Although being told you have some damage in your mouth is never ideal, you have options. Learn more about inlays and onlays. Contact us at Singing River Dentistry. Book an appointment by contacting us at (256) 904-4220.

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Inlays and onlays, like dental fillings, can provide protection to damaged teeth. Learn more here about both on our website & call us to schedule!
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