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Dental Bonding

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Lady smiling with bright white teeth.An imperfect smile can make your day miserable faster than anything else. You can feel insecure, uncomfortable, and even be viewed negatively by others if you have a cracked or chipped tooth.

Many people with damaged teeth rush to a dentist's office in order to get their teeth bonded. It only takes your dentist a few minutes to repair chips, decaying, or discolored teeth, giving you back the confidence to smile.

At Singing River Dentistry we perform dental bonding to correct a range of dental issues. We also offer Invisalign clear aligners and other cosmetic services to improve your smile.

Bonding Defined

During tooth bonding, your dentist attaches composite resin to damaged teeth to repair them. This quick and easy procedure can improve your smile. Dentists shape resin and harden it with UV light. As soon as the resin hardens, it will stick to the tooth and cover the damage. Chipped, decayed, and cracked teeth then look as good as new. No anesthesia is required for this procedure which takes between 30 and 60 minutes.

Bonding Advantages

There are three reasons why tooth bonding is a popular choice among patients: It is painless, inexpensive, and quick. You can have your smile fixed in a single afternoon if you have minor imperfections. In addition to being cheaper than veneers or implants, bonding is also considered a cosmetic procedure. The price is also affordable which makes it a perfect choice for someone who needs to fix a broken tooth but does not want to spend a lot of money.

In addition, composite resin can be a natural-looking and long-lasting alternative to teeth. Bonding can last five to 10 years with proper oral hygiene. Almost anyone can enjoy a beautiful and healthy smile for a decade or more after a bonding procedure.

The Disadvantages

Some people will benefit from dental bonding, but it's not right for everyone. The biggest problem with bonding is that it can separate. When your tooth is bonded, it is in two pieces. As a result, the two parts may separate. To protect their bonded teeth, people should avoid chewing ice, biting down on hard candies, or biting their nails.

Bonding also differs from other cosmetic dentistry in that its materials are different. Porcelain is often used for veneers and crowns because it is durable and fairly stain resistant. However, bonding uses resin, which is quite porous. A bonded tooth will stain more if you are a heavy smoker or a coffee or wine drinker. However, this can be avoided with regular brushing.

Do You Need Bonding?

Although bonding is an efficient and effective method of repairing damaged teeth, it is not the best solution for every patient. This procedure can work wonders for repairing a small chip in your tooth. You might be better off with a different treatment if you smoke, chew your nails or want a complete mouth makeover. Fortunately, many cosmetic dental procedures are available to help people achieve healthy, beautiful, and bright smiles.

If you still have questions or would like more information on how it can help you, contact Singing River Dentistry. Contact us at (256) 904-4220 to schedule a consultation.

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Dental Bonding Helton Drive Florence AL
Dental bonding can improve the look of your smile and preserve some structural integrity as well. Visit our website for more information! Call now!
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