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Tooth Extractions

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Row of wooden tooth shapes, one of which is being pulled out of the row by dental pliers. Occasionally, you must have a tooth removed. It is a necessary part of maintaining good dental health in instances when leaving the tooth unattended could pose other often much more serious health risks.

Among the reasons a dentist may recommend tooth extraction is an impact, decay, periodontal disease, trauma, or overcrowding of teeth. Dental sealants and general checkups are effective in preventing some of these conditions, while others are only incidental. We will determine if extraction is the best option for you at Singing River Dentistry. An extraction involves taking the tooth out of its socket. The procedure is performed in a safe and professional manner by our dentists. We recommend the correct procedure to save the tooth if extraction is not necessary. Your tooth may need to be removed for one of five reasons:

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The growth of one tooth pushes straight up against the growth of another, causing impaction. During an infection, gums may swell, become tender, or bleed. In addition to pain and swelling around the jaw, this condition can make opening the mouth difficult. There is a common cause of this condition with wisdom teeth. Wisdom teeth are the third set of molars that lack the space in the mouth to grow upright. Instead, they grow inward toward the other teeth. When this occurs, it is best to have the wisdom teeth removed as soon as possible to prevent further tooth damage.


Tartar and plaque build up on teeth and cause tooth decay. As a result, teeth become weak and brittle due to the erosion of the enamel. Once the condition becomes severe enough, an infection can occur causing intense pain, swelling, and redness. Whenever a tooth reaches this point, it may be necessary to remove it and replace it with a dental bridge to prevent further health problems.

Gum Disease

As with tooth decay, plaque and tartar buildup can cause gum disease. Many different conditions can affect the gums and the bone that surround the teeth, but the two most common are gingivitis and periodontitis. Inflammation of the gums surrounds the teeth while periodontitis refers to inflammation of the bone and tissues that support the teeth. The integrity of the bone and gum around the tooth can deteriorate too much, which may require removal of the tooth and replacement with a bridge or crown to preserve healthy neighboring teeth.


Often, the first casualties in an accident are teeth. Accidents can damage your teeth, no matter what its cause might be, whether it's a baseball that comes at you at high speed or being involved in a car accident.

A damaged tooth may not be able to be saved after an accident. The recovery process may require tooth extraction when this is the case. In contrast, a damaged tooth might become infected and eventually require a root canal procedure.


Apart from causing pain, tooth impactions can also result in overcrowding of teeth, which leads to crooked smiles otherwise straight and aligned. Taking out the problematic teeth at the back of your mouth can allow the rest of your teeth to spread out as needed, which will preserve your naturally straight smile without the use of braces.

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A dentist may recommend tooth extraction in the case of an impacted wisdom tooth, decay, periodontal disease, trauma, or overcrowding of teeth. Call today!
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