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Dental Crown Emergency

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Close up 3D rendering of a dental crown being placed on a shaved down tooth.Dentists frequently use dental crowns. Whenever a tooth is damaged by decay or an injury, a crown can be used to restore it. Dental crowns can be damaged or fall off in certain circumstances, just like real teeth. The staff of Singing River Dentistry will fit crowns depending on your requirements, whether they are temporary or permanent. Furthermore, if damage occurs or the crown is lost, we can assist with the replacement.

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Stay Calm

The first thing to keep in mind if your dental crown slips off is to remain calm. While losing a dental crown might be frightening, remember that it can be fixed. While it may be uncomfortable at first, this damage is only temporary.

Inspect Your Crown

Understanding what your options are if your crown falls off is dependent in part on the state of the crown. Find the crown if at all feasible. Examine it thoroughly to evaluate the extent of the damage. The lack of teeth within the crown might indicate that it is feasible to reconnect it after your dentist examines you. A little quantity of metal may be visible. This is typical. The crown has a post that helps to fasten it to your tooth.

Contact Us if You Have an Emergency

When your crown comes off, you need to call us immediately. Explain the situation and ask for an urgent appointment. Our staff might ask if you still possess your crown and if it is in good condition. Please schedule an appointment for the crown to be replaced or reattached as soon as possible.

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Cleanse the Crown and Protect Your Tooth

If you haven't lost the crown, carefully remove it by cleaning it with water and soap. Place it in a clean container or bag. Bring it with you when you go to the dentist. Keep it in a secure area. Your crown was designed to safeguard a damaged tooth when it was attached. If your dental crown slips off, you should know what to do to protect the tooth structure beneath it. As a result, the tooth's sensitive tissue and nerves may become exposed and sensitive to temperature and touch. You can purchase dental cement from a drugstore. Please follow the instructions on the package when molding the cement around the tooth that is exposed. You can also use dental wax as a protection option.

Avoid Certain Foods

Although your tooth is temporarily covered, some foods can cause the cement to loosen, causing harm to the surrounding tissues, and revealing the tooth. Avoiding rough, crunchy, or chewy foods is a good suggestion if your dental crown slips off. You may also feel ill if you ingest meals that are excessively cold or hot. Please avoid eating these items until you can visit the dentist to get the crown restored.

Singing River Dentistry is Here for You!

You will not have to wait long if you have already scheduled an emergency appointment with us. Please take the crown with you when you come to see us so that we may be able to reattach it. In the event of significant damage to the crown, you will most likely need a new crown.

To learn more about dental crowns and to understand when you might need one, contact Singing River Dentistry. Please call (256) 904-4220 to request a consultation.

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Dental Crown Emergency Helton Drive Florence AL
Visit our website for tips about what to do if your tooth crown comes off, or gets damaged. Call our office on Helton Drive ASAP if you have an emergency!
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