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3D rendered cross-section view of a tooth and its roots. Unless you are familiar with the process, you may experience anxiety or fear when thinking of a root canal. Root canal therapy is believed to cause illness and pain and should be avoided at all costs. This couldn't be further from the truth. In many circumstances, it is possible to forgo endodontic therapy in favor of tooth extraction or a wait-and-see strategy while avoiding pain, discomfort, and additional expenditures. If you postpone treatment for an extended period, you will be less likely to be able to save your tooth. Our dental team at Singing River Dentistry performs root canal procedures on a regular basis to stave off infection. These procedures can often help save the patient's tooth.

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Myth 1: Treatment is Painful

In the past, this could have been true. But today, with modern anesthetics and technology, you will not feel more pain than if you were having cavity filled. When a tooth's damaged tissues are removed through root canal therapy, an endodontist can relieve the pain of a severe toothache. Endodontists also specialize in pain treatment, and most problems may be managed quickly and gently.

Myth 2: Treatment Causes Illnesses

You may come across material on the internet claiming that receiving a root canal treatment increases your chances of being unwell or contracting a disease in the future. This assertion is false. This argument is untrue since it is based on disproved and poorly constructed studies from over a century ago, before modern medicine recognized the origins of many diseases. Scientific data does not establish the link between root canal therapy and illness elsewhere in the body.

An Extraction is Better

Whenever possible, patients should opt to save their natural teeth. It is important to remember that nothing can substitute for the function or appearance of a natural tooth, which is why root canal therapy should be considered whenever possible. Endodontic therapy is highly successful, and many root canal procedures are permanent. A bridge or implant may be used to replace a lost tooth, which may need the removal of nearby teeth and supporting tissues.

Root Canal Treatment

To obtain access to the affected pulp, the dentist drills a hole in the tooth. In addition to the damaged tissue, the dentist removes the root. This procedure may not result in the loss of the tooth's integrity. Frequently, a tooth root provides sensory feedback, such as the sensation of hot or cold. It may also facilitate tooth development. In other words, when you have fully matured teeth, removing their roots will not directly affect their remaining structure. This will prevent further spread of infection. When a tooth's root needs to be removed, we do so as soon as possible. Cleansing the affected area thoroughly ensures that no infection remains.

Prior to performing the root canal procedure, our dentist examines the teeth, including the affected area. To gain a better understanding of the damage, an x-ray may be required. A dentist cleans the teeth, shapes the canal, and fills the hole. To ensure that any remaining infection is eradicated, an antibiotic is administered. The procedure takes approximately 30 to 60 minutes. Afterward, you will go home and wait for your dentist to schedule a crown-placing appointment. There is a need for a crown if the decay was severe or if a root canal was performed on a molar or the back teeth.

Please visit our office at Singing River Dentistry for more information on root canal treatment and when it is necessary. For any questions you may have regarding the procedure or for an appointment, please call (256) 904-4220 today.

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