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Periodontal Maintenance

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Diagram of teeth and gum cleaning at Singing River Dentistry in Florence, AL When it comes to maintaining optimal oral health, periodontal maintenance plays a pivotal role, though it is often overlooked.

Periodontal care goes beyond just teeth and cleaning. At Singing River Dentistry, we focus on the health of your gums and supporting structures, ensuring everything in your mouth is how it should be.

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What Is Periodontal Maintenance?

Periodontal maintenance refers to a set of specialized dental procedures aimed at preserving the health of your gums and preventing the progression of gum disease.

It is typically recommended for individuals who have undergone treatments for gum disease, such as scaling and root planing, or those with a history of periodontal issues.

Unlike routine dental cleanings, periodontal maintenance is tailored to address the unique needs of individuals with gum disease and maintain the results of previous treatments.

Benefits of Periodontal Maintenance

There are several benefits to periodontal maintenance that make it so important in maintaining your dental health.

Improved Oral Health

At the core of the benefits of periodontal maintenance is the substantial improvement in overall oral health. By addressing the unique challenges posed by gum disease, this specialized care helps control bacterial growth, reduce inflammation, and promote a healthier oral environment.

As a result, individuals experience enhanced gum health, contributing to the well-being of their entire mouth.

Preventing Gum Disease

One of the primary objectives of periodontal maintenance is to prevent the recurrence of gum disease.

By targeting the root causes and contributing factors, such as bacterial buildup and inflammation, this ongoing care acts as a proactive measure against the resurgence of gum disease. Regular maintenance appointments help sustain the progress made during initial treatments and keep potential issues at bay.

Preventing Tooth Loss

Gum disease is a leading cause of tooth loss in adults. By actively preventing the recurrence of gum disease, periodontal maintenance significantly reduces the risk of tooth loss. This benefit extends beyond the functional aspect of chewing and speaking, impacting the individual's confidence and quality of life.

Maintaining a Beautiful Smile

Healthy gums are the foundation of a beautiful smile. Periodontal maintenance plays a crucial role in preserving the aesthetics of your smile by preventing issues associated with advanced gum disease.

This includes preventing gum recession, tooth mobility, and other conditions that can impact the appearance of your teeth. With periodontal maintenance, you're not just investing in oral health, you're safeguarding the visual appeal of your smile.

How Does Periodontal Maintenance Work?

Periodontal maintenance focuses on two main procedures: scaling and root planing. Both of these combined help make sure your gums are healthy and safe, and if there are problems, work on fixing them.


The first phase, scaling, is a meticulous cleaning process aimed at removing plaque and tartar from both above and below the gum line. Specialized dental instruments are employed to access areas that are challenging to reach with regular oral hygiene practices.

During this phase, the focus is on eradicating the primary culprits behind gum disease - the buildup of bacteria and toxins.

Scaling is not just about the visible surfaces of your teeth; it extends beneath the gum line to target the root surfaces. By eliminating these deposits, scaling sets the stage for a healthier periodontal environment and reduces the inflammation associated with gum disease.

Root Planing

Once the scaling is complete, your dentist will proceed to root planing. This phase involves smoothing out the surfaces of the tooth roots. Smoothing is essential because a rough or irregular root surface can become a haven for bacteria, allowing them to cling and thrive.

By creating a smooth surface, root planing discourages bacterial adherence, promoting a clean and bacteria-resistant environment.

Beyond the physical benefits, root planing also plays a critical role in facilitating the reattachment of the gums to the tooth roots. This reattachment is crucial for preventing pockets between the gums and teeth, which, if left unchecked, can become a breeding ground for bacteria and contribute to the progression of gum disease.

FAQs about Periodontal Maintenance

Is periodontal maintenance painful?

A common concern for most people when it comes to dental procedures is pain. Periodontal maintenance is typically not as uncomfortable as one might expect. The process itself is usually non-invasive.

Local anesthesia is also used to make sure you have a pain-free experience during scaling and root planing. After the procedure, any mild discomfort can usually be managed with over-the-counter pain relievers, but you can ask your dentist for a prescription if need be.

How long does a periodontal maintenance appointment take?

The duration of a periodontal maintenance appointment can vary based on individual needs and the extent of treatment required. On average, these appointments may take anywhere from one to two hours. The thoroughness of the procedure is essential for achieving optimal results and maintaining gum health.

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Periodontal maintenance is not just a dental procedure; it's a commitment to the long-term health and beauty of your smile. Through personalized treatment plans and patient education, periodontal maintenance becomes a means for you to care for your gums and keep them healthy.

At Singing River Dentistry, we are dedicated to providing you with high quality dental services to make sure your teeth and gums remain safe and healthy. Schedule a consultation with our Helton Drive dentist today, call (256) 904-4220.

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